Coming soon- February 2017
Coming soon- February 2017
GreenField LOGO refresh, and TOTAL NEW responisve WWW
Kosher products February 2014
Now seeds, pomace, fix KOSHER CERTIFIED
ISO 9001 ---- ISO 22000 May 2012
We are proud to announce that GreenField has successfully passed the implementation process and certification of an integrated system of quality management and food safety: ISO 9001 and ISO 22000
Peppermint 01.03.2011
leaf, fix, also ORGANIC
Dried fruit seeds - a new use 12.01.2011
as a filling for Warmies: warm cuddles, thermo slippers, pillows
Organic and Conventional fruit seeds 14.07.2010
Organic and Conventional fruit seeds 14.07.2010
Organic dried seeds: raspberry, wild strawberry, black currant, red currant, chokeberry, gooseberry, elderberry, sea buckthorn, blackberry, quince, apples, wild rose, blueberry, pomagrante and others. NEW PRODUCTS IN THE OFFER
Carrot powder 01.04.2010

Check our quality and prices!                            Practile size 40 um !       

Cocoa fibre 05.01.10
The best and cheapest way to replace industrial cacao powder in recipe.
Fruit Powders 03.12.2009
Fruit Powders - NEW product in our offer, practile size 40 um !
Dried apple pomace 20.07.2009

spread deliveries "just in time" over whole year
now offering for new season 2009 - 2010

New Fibre Preparation; 17.12.2008
We would like to present our new raw material - apple high pectin content fibre preparation with tremendous water absorption 1000% and very competitive price.

Our international clients from bakery industry use even our apple fibre high pectin content for standard white bread production instead of wheat or oat fibre.
Fruit Seeds 11.10.2008
Purified fruit seeds; strawberry, raspberry and others for food industry.
Coming soon ------ GreenField LOGO refresh, and TOTAL NEW responisve WWW ------ February 2017 !
GreenField is an international company that will help you find the best way for your success. Having a wide range of products and collaborators, we find the optimal solution
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Food Industry
Food Industry
100% natural fibre preparations produced by rotory milling technology - up to 1000% water absorption and high pectin ; dried fruit seeds processed by conventional cleaning, sieving and drying techniques; dried fruit pomaces cut and prepared in different sizes for ready tea fix; dried herbs, fruits, vegetables and liophilized products in about 150 positions.
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Cosmetic & Pharmaceutical industry
Cosmetic & Pharmaceutical industry
Our specialty Berry Fruit Seed Oils are produced in most advanced supercritical CO2 extraction technology. Also we can offer sterilized, sieved and dried fruit seeds.
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Feed industry
Feed industrydried fruit pomaces produced on the basis of high quality pomaces form the fruit jucie concentrate production; 100% natural, without any additives or preservatives
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